Welcome to WEILAI.

Weilai is a Chinese word 未来 (wèi lái) that means "future". We chose this word because we like to be positive and to think that tomorrow will be better today.

Design is the world we are interested in and we are involved in. We are a group of creatives, from different backgrounds, that loves what they do and that want to keep on developing every day new ideas and look to new horizons.

  WEILAI is a design project that is in progress. Nothing is ready yet! But we want to show the progress, the ongoing steps and all the phases that will keep on happening during the next months.  
  Sometimes the reason why we deal with small things is because we are convinced that big things could be just the multiple of small ones.  
  Operating in two different sides of the world at same time it isn't easy, but it's so fascinating and encourages our international attitude.  
  In this section we present all the ideas and the projects we made or we are working on.  



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